The real-life Jarvis

How would you like your computer to suggest, how you should dress for some occasions? Whizkid Sushant Pattnaik, known for his many innovations, has yet developed another artificial intelligence virtual secretary module called Miraculous, which may seem more of Jarvis of the well known Iron Man series with a tinge of technology used in Age of Ultron.

This could be an excellent program which could change the work techniques completely for corporate as well as home users. It will have to be trained during first use and it will accept commands only from the voice it registers initially.  

This module is proposed for launch in 2017. Sushant also mentioned that he will be providing a trail version free for a month with limited functionality. He was thinking of making the experience of using Miraculous more real with a 3D blow up, like what Tony Stark does in Iron Man, it’s not impossible but will eventually increase the costing up to a major extent. Sushant wants people in India to experience this on a lower price range. 

The awesome demo !

During a demo Sushant showed a few miracles you could perform using Miraculous. He spoke to the module just like speaking to a person “Miraculous, show me the flag hoisting scene from the movie Airlift” on the screen we could see the cursor moving and opening a folder where the movie was saved, it played the movie but it scanned it before, automatically shifted the cursor to that exact scene and played it, Awesome !

What can it do ?

This module will have the capacity to perform basic human operations like checking mails, replying with formatted answers, basic documentation, 

online shopping based on your pattern, creating work reports, financial transactions suggest grooming and dressing as per schedule etc.

Boon for corporates !

For corporate users this could be a productivity enhancer as it could be used as “Virtual Employee Repication” which could send automated reports, presentations. It could perform auto-fed tasks while you are away. Remind you of important meetings, type mails for you and a lot more.