Get rid of bulky Power bank

While the features of our phones getting better, their battery capacity is not. We always struggle to keep our mobile phone charged, mostly when we’re out from our home and about to go on a road trip or during camping, festivals, or even while hanging out the day in the park.

The good news is that we have an easy solution for this i.e. ‘SOL-KA’. This charger will allow you to use the free and profuse power provided by the sun with the magic of solar panels.

It will ensure that you will never need to carry a bulky power bank to keep your phones active, no matter where you go.

It's like a normal back cover of your phone.

This device is like a normal back cover of your phone. You don’t have to carry a different gadget to charge your phone. It has a small solar panel that charges your phone by converting solar energy into electrical energy

Gets charged automatically in the sunlight.

“SOL-KA” is gaining more recognition as it can charge your phone quickly and automatically in any light. It is very lightweight and easy to clutch. It gets charged automatically in the sunlight. So there is no need to charge the device separately.

Connects to any Smart phone.

You can connect it to any Smartphone you have. There is only a single button for push activation and deactivation. Its small size and fast charging feature with comparatively low prices make it more popular among the masses.

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