A smart safety wearable for the women.

SHE-WATCH is a unique wearable gadget that could be primarily used as a digital watch, integrated with safety features that help any women to protect her in case of violence. It can be operated single handedly and can even be used if someone grabs your hand.

This gadget “SHE-WATCH” is mainly designed to provide unfailing, quick and a very effective configuration for the safety of women during a safety threat.

The gadget is embedded with all the latest technologies to protect the person by raising alarm to create alertness among the mass.

Press the button & be safe

This fashionable watch is designed in such a manner that when some tries to assault you physically, you can just press the button, and it will activate the buzzer and send SOS alert & GPS location to the authorized volunteers.

It's Unique features ?

It not only helps to defend you from the attacker, but it also raises an alarming siren which will make other people know about the incident and you can also call directly to the authorized volunteers by pressing just the button on the band.

Why She Watch ?

“SHE WATCH” is a fashionable smart watch, which not only give a classy look but also its hidden features will save women from attacks and empower them in the most efficient way.

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Market is expected to increase globally next 5 yrs
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Our target market size in the next 3 years, in India