Be enabled to do everything you want with the help of "Enabler", just via sniffing !

Just imagine what would be the life of a disabled person who wants to do day to day life’s work by his / her own, but they cannot just do so due to their disability. 

To make the life of such a differently able person easy Enabler is like a blessing, which can solve their problem effortlessly.

Sushant’s Enabler is a device by which a completely disabled person can do all sorts of work like a normal human being and that too just by using breath. 

It supports and motivates disabled people and allows them to be mobile and independent.


What it does ?

“Enabler” is like an indispensable companion for people with complete disabilities or people with impaired mobility and helps them with many small and large challenges faced in daily life.

Why Enabler ?

Making “Enabler” is possible by using the expertise of core competencies in order to get a new standpoint and thereby developing an innovative solution to help the needy competently.

How it work ?

Enabler” is designed in such a manner that, it use the sniffing of the person and perform consequently. It is operated by converting Breathing energy to Electromagnetic energy for its operation.

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World's population is disabled, ~ 1 billion
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Our target market size in the next 5 years, in India

It's Unique Features ?

Using the breathing sensor, it helps a completely paralyzed person to move the wheelchair in any direction, operate all electrical and electronic appliances like fan, TV, etc.



Smart Phone Friendly ?

Enabler also helps disabled persons to operate cell phones to send text messages to their loved ones. These awesome features make “Enabler” a reason for the smile for a disabled person.